Making data work.

Software solutions ranging from integrated plant to integrated operation.

Discover the advantages of COMOS.

Efficient engineering with COMOS

COMOS Web and Mobile

Web-based and mobile system management
Web-based access to all system data


  • Significant cost and time savings
  • Improved global collaboration options
  • Access to data anytime and anywhere via web access
  • Lean and easy-to-use solutions
  • Now more user-friendly due to reduced complexity and less effort in terms of installation, training and maintenance

Efficient worldwide collaboration.

Mobile Solutions

The iPad app from COMOS

COMOS Mobile

  • Use case-related, lean applications enable efficient work when travelling and during meetings
  • SharePoint integration enables non-COMOS users to be included in system projects
  • Location-independent mobile access to COMOS data
  • Intuitive operation and easy navigation
  • Convenient search functions that include predefined queries

The iPad app from COMOS

COMOS Mobile Document Review App

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